How to take care of your product:

•  After using you pocket knife and / or knife wash it with water, if it's not possible clean it with a paper or cloth napkin (between these the most useful is the cloth napkin previously-washed.

•  Every six months clean your product with kerosene and lubricate six axles with a little portion of Vaseline, using the extremity of a toothpick.

•  If you hardly ever use your pocket knife sheath or pocket knife, avoid keeping them inside of the leather case, as the leather case and bag and even the velvet and the suede case change the brightness of the stainless-steel.

•  Polishing with emery, to smooth with sandpaper or even polishing a cutting product is very dangerous, leave this for a trained professional so that you'll have good results instead of damages and even physical harms.

•  The laminas of LAN products were developed for cutting, so, in case of utilizing them for unscrew, crowbar or something similar, you're damaging your product totally under your responsibility.

•  Domestically your product may be carefully sharpened on a soapstone or leather razor.


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