Its visit is very important for us. In this market each globalizado time more, the information surpasses the distances. Thus, you can know a little of us sailing for our site.

In virtue of the marketing diversity and its respective legislações we primordially prepare the basic information for a possible negotiation.

We inform that the order will be sent way POST OFFICES or depending on the amount for airplane for withdrawal in the respective airports.

The freight is FOB.

The mode of payment is anticipated, that is, as soon as to inform to it that its order if finds of ready-delivery we will supply it the data necessary to effect draft the Bank of Brazil S/A or transference of currency through an agency of the Wester Union for the Bank of Brazil S/A.

The minimum value of asked for one must be US$ 2.500,00 (two a thousand and five hundred dollars American) or 2,350 euros.

The delivery stated period varies the destined country in accordance with, as well as in accordance with the requested amount and products.

Price (US$)
Price (€)