•  Handicraft production

All LAN products are manufactured by a handicraft process using stainless steel, offering high resistance and durability.


•  Restraint of safety

All models of LAN Pocket-knives have a restraint system that blocks them of closing while being used. A restraint that impedes the pocket-knife of opening itself, on the other hand, once opened, blocks it of closing, unless you unlock it.

•  High design

The drawing developed for the pen and practice pocket-knife standards allows you to use them directly on your clothes with great discretion and practice.

•  Practice

You have a product of quality on your hands, very simple and natural to make part of your daily routine.

•  Colorful bath

For the ones who like quality, they also ask for options. We tried to conciliate quality and beauty offering them more options. Which color are you taking? Available in 05 (five) colors.

•  Stainless Steel

All LAN products are manufactured in stainless steel.

•  Detaching their trade mark

Each time more, companies try to steady their mark in the clients' memories. The line of production LAN projected design and ending that detach printing at the stainless. Conciliating quality, beauty and practice we dispose, through the process of oxidation, the fixation of your mark on the products of your preference.

Obligatory Authorial Credit of the photos below: L. ADOLFO


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